Empower360 takes a different approach to healthcare delivery:

  • Primary Care Office: The direct-pay primary care office is the center of the model, where the staff focuses entirely on care – and not at all on insurance paperwork. Patients pay one monthly fee and come in as frequently as needed without worrying about being billed.

  • Insurance Assistance: We also provide insurance counseling to help patients find less expensive policies for hospitalizations, surgeries and other specialized care they may need.

  • Prescription Coverage: Many of your immediate RX needs can be taken care of from our innovative prescription programs. View our RX Benefits to see the medications covered by your membership.

  • Medicaid Members: We welcome members on Medicaid and have specialists in our office who can show you how the plan works. Learn more about Medicaid assistance.

With Empower360, there are no co-pays, deductibles or balance billing. Rather than insurance administration, providers can focus on what they do best – providing quality, compassionate medical care to the people who need it.


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